My Tear-Stained Face

I just walked past the mirror. And what did I see? I saw my tear-stained face looking back at me.

Why oh why must life threat me this way? What have I ever done to life? Or should I say? In life, That it continues to bully me still this day?

Life! Take heed, this is my last tear-stained face. I plead that you must get off my case! Today things change. Too much time has waste; from this point forward change comes with haste. I, like others desire a life that is best, despite this ongoing who can bully who contest.

You see life. Unlike you, I am mortal. My days are numbered. So, while I stand here looking in the mirror at my tear-stained face, there’s a voice of courage that resides within a deep and spiritual place.

The voice of courage is screaming, “Fight, firmly take life by its throat! Take control and don’t get crushed!” And suddenly in that instance I realize that life belongs to me and not I to it. Then uproots passion, life-in-a-mist comes to full bloom, bit-by-bit.

For we know that after I’ve fought as hard as I could fight, I’ve said all that I could say and done all that I can do to life. Or should I say? In life, so that it might prove beneficial to me. The unapologetic harsh reality is that this moment is my only guarantee, soon no more will I be – but Life? Well, life goes on!


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